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GS Pro - Mavic 2 compatibility

I asked the question on the DJI forum. A DJI moderator replied that he will announce it on the web site. No date or even an idea, (week, month, year.)
I call technical support ... It's worse. they do not even know that GSPRO works with the mavic pro ... so immagine if he knows something for the mavic 2 ... Anyway. very disappointing about DJI
Someone would know which doors we could knock on to speed things up. ?
They did exactly the same with the P4 Pro 2 and was over 6 weeks before they even released the SDK AFTER the P4P2 was out. I had mine for over a month and wouldn't work with the GS pro, Litchis and many others. For our purpose it was basically a manual flying drone and usless for mapping and survey. I really dont get it they releases a new model, but don't even have all their own apps to work with it. That should be a minimum expectation at least. Last time I got caught out, and didn't find that out until I was in the filed, an 8 hour drive round trip and didn't get the shoot. Yes indeed my fault for not taking the backup and making assumptions it would work as sensibly expected, when it didn't. Many over on the Phantompilot forum had same issue. So now I see its a month sicne the first post here, and so the Mavic 2 Pro is sill not working wiht the GS Pro? I tried today, but it also didn't work.
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