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Has anyone ever flown a drone, above the trees, over the USA road known as the Tail of the Dragon?

Definitely a fun ride- I’ve driven my bike on our mtn roads too, it’s when you are going too fast to stop or react to rocks, passing animals and people doing u-turns or stopping on blind corners that trouble happens. That road looked very nice, would love to see it as well sometime.
I agree. Lots of obstacles to watch out for on curvy roads but they sure are fun. I'm only about 30 minutes from some good roads in northern Georgia. Great for weekend riding out of traffic. Also I'm not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway which is also beautiful. Never ridden in your area but would love to some day. Just visited my Daughter in the Seattle area last month and wished multiple times I had my bike to ride. Ride safe.
BTW pic is an overlook at Deals Gap, part of the Tail of the Dragon
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