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Has anyone tried replacing a bad cell using another DJI battery?


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Jul 27, 2017
North Texas
So I have gotten the "bad battery" message and have verified that one of my cell has a lower voltage than the rest. I have replaced this battery with a new one, but I would like to keep the old one transferring video wirelessly or taking exposure readings etc. I wonder if anyone has tried taking a good cell from another DJI battery (presumable bad) and swapping it out for their bad cell.

The are a few problem that I could foresee with this. You would have to be able to identify which cell you are replacing. You would also have to get the voltage of the new cell very close to the others before the "transplant". Otherwise, it the voltage is too low, the new cell won't be able to reach 100% with the other 2 cells. If the voltage is too high, it will prevent the other two cells from reaching 100%.

Anyone up for donating a bad battery to give this a try?
Wgat was the difference in between the three cells? Im currently having similar issues
I believe the difference was 0.5 volts. I tried running down the battery to 5%, letting it cool, then powering it back up again. I did that twice. But the voltages were still different and the software still said that the battery was bad.
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I've got the same problem on my 5th Mav Pro Alpine. These batteries are increasingly difficult to find and I'd rather cannibalize another battery's cell to fix this one. Anyone have a good youtube video on that?
The best thing you could do which would make it a very worth while exercise is to replace all the cells. I’m not sure where you might source cells with the same or very close dimensions- they seem not to be standard stocked items at the most common suppliers. I haven’t looked that hard though.

The bad cell will be easy to find, simply probe the balance tap connector with your DMM and follow the wires.

The considerations extend beyond voltage matching in sourcing a replacement. You need to match internal resistance and ensure the capacity is the same.
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It's the 3rd cell. BUT ...You're right. Good thinking. I can just cannibalize a regular mavic pro battery and move the ALL guts over instead of one cell.
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Changing out cells isnt as simple as you may think. Its probably not something i would recommend on an aircraft battery
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