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Has your Mavic 2 fallen from the sky?

Has your Mavic 2 fallen out of the sky?

  • I have under 10 flights, and my Mavic has fallen from the sky.

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
Just taking a poll regarding Mavic 2 reliability. Please participate in the poll.

If you have had one fall from the sky, please provide a description of what happened, and also provide pictures so we can see what might have been the cause.
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Solid as a rock and completely happy with it .0 issues.
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Pretty good, I had a connection issue at the beginning where it would randomly disconnect for a second, even being next to it but I guess that’s been fixed. Never had it again.
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On Tap Fly Free mode, all obstacle avoidance systems front, rear, left and right, glitch and turn off. But only on the tap fly FREE MODE,
When you choose free mode then tap go you get a message saying obstacle avoidance error system temporarily disabled.
Can anybody else confirm this, I feel like it's a mode that not too many people use, so that's why it probably hasn't been brought up yet.
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The under/over 10 flights for an incident is an interesting consideration. Looking at how the M2 is made it’s on par with a MacBook Pro or high end phone. It is probable that any catastrophic failure might be more likely very early in usage. I am amazed how well resolved the board design is and how well it’s built- a monumental improvement over the earlier and even latest phantoms.
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No problems at all. Flys like a dreamThumbswayup
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