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Heliports within 5 miles question


Mar 11, 2018
So, my nephew was doing a Eagle scout project at a local park and my sister asked if I would bring my drone to document his work. Apparently, you are not allowed to fly drones at the park, but they will make exceptions. We were granted an exception then realized that there is an airport and heliport in the area. We contacted the privately own airport and he gave us the go ahead. Then we tried to contact the heliport several times over the last few days and no one answered (no answering machine either). We ended up not flying which was a huge disappointment. Is this what you do in this instance...just not fly? Is there any guidance on this? Between us, I think we called 10 or so times and nothing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Pete
If they are manned, then you notify. Seems you attempted many times to make contact and they did not respond. At that point, if the hospital heliport is not busy, I would have flown. I assume you would be no higher than treetops which would not put any manned aircraft in danger.
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Hey LMTJ - thanks for the response. The heliport is actually on an electric power plant station and is only manned when necessary. And you are correct, we would not have flown higher than the treetops. I wish I would have posted this last night!!! In hindsight I probably should have flown.

Thanks again, Pete
The only time this would become an issue is if your drone created an issue with a manned aircraft. I'd say you did your part in making the attempt to notify and it was then on the airport to accept your notification.
another reason to "de-field" many so called airports. if not in use .. say X number of flights a day, then X number a week, X number a month they should not even be listed as no fly. but just advisory. and privet must provide a current maned phone number. not a machine.
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