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    Hi All. I need some advice from the community. I am leaving for Beijing and Thailand tomorrow and was about to do my on line check in from Vancouver, Canada. A few weeks ago I thought I did my homework on taking my drone battery's on my carry on but I just found out that Air China only allows battery's of up to 160 wh. I have 3 battery's I was going to take and they are all below 30% capacity I think they are 3830wh each. The question is will I have a problem??? 160wh allowance seems like a small Battery. Better I just take 2 battery's ?. Or should I just leave my drone at home .:( I have no plans of flying in Beijing. And no, I have not registered my drone in Thailand. I was not to worried about the rules in Thailand, I was going to go to remote places to fly. But now I am worried I may not even get on the plane. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Sunny1
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    Not sure about the batteries. The MP batteries are 3830mAh or 3.8Ah or 43.6 Wh. If the 160 Wh limit is total or per battery would determine the number of batteries you're allowed. Reports from Thailand are that drone registration enforcement has been stepped up. With an estimated 2 months to get the registration. I'm leaving in 3 weeks so this trip will be a no-fly voyage. This link: How to register your drone in Thailand was posted earlier by John Gowland and makes it sound like The Land of Smiles is a less than friendly place for unregistered drones. The big kicker for me is getting the drone insurance.
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    I fly all over the world and have my Mavic mostly in my hand luggage. No issues so far. Just arrived in the UK and brought my Mavic with 4 batteries.
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    In the below email is a link for Drone Insurance. The prices are in Thai Baht.

    As your request insurance for your Mavic Pro,

    We have insurance plan A for Third party liability that is OK for CAAT requirement.

    For Third party liability Insurance Plan A, premium is 3,000 THB. (Per year)

    Plus our service fee for foreigner from abroad is 1,500 THB.
    Total amount is 4,500 THB.
    * Insurance only, no CAAT registration agent service in this package.
    * This is not buy insurance directly online but we will provide drone insurance as your request.

    If you agree with my quote, I will sent application form and instruction to you.

    Best regards,


    Charoonsak Sukawatano

    Drone Thai Insurance and Register Services

    email : [email protected]

    Tel.(66) 080 229 1313

    74 Boromrachonnanee 39, Talingchan Bangkok 10170 THAILAND
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