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Help- Major signal loss


Sep 18, 2017
Hey guys hope someone can help out. I had my mavic for two months now and Since then been having range issues. I heard these drones can get like 4 miles and I wanted to see if it would at least go further than my 3DR solo. Disappointed as the mavic would only go about 70 feet up before I seen a signal loss message on the controller, Tried taking it out and only reached around 200 feet and signal loss again. Tried a few more times and the same thing happens Thought hmm trees, homes maybe interference no biggie go to a lake same issue few weeks later go to farm land same thing goes slightly further but nowhere near one mile just over a hundred ft up and 300 ft out and signal loss again. I look up info on this and one person said use the usb section on the controller with a good wire. I tried that and same thing. Refresh firmware and nothing. This time I go to the beach to rule out any interference so I take it out for a spin and bam same thing 80ft up 200 ft out signal loss. I contacted dji everything they told me try I tried already like deleting the app and reinstalling the app, firmware upgrade, good antenna practice which I already know about proper antenna positioning for these birds, also the WiFi/ RC switch which I know to leave it on rc. When I first got this thing I had an iPhone 6 Plus latest firmware. Last week I purchased an iPhone 8 Plus and still the same issues lol I’m clueless and thought someone here knows what else I can do to remedy this problem. Dji wants me to send this in for diagnosis but the stories I’m hearing about sending them a drone under warranty and possibly having to pay out of pocket doesn’t sit well with me. Thanks in advance
Agreed that is absolutely not normal. Assuming it's not the environment, that could be something faulty inside the drone. I have seen DJI replace hardware in such instances that fixed the problem.
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