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Help programming custom EXP settings (that don't screw up normal flight)


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Nov 19, 2016
Hi there
I'm new to drones and just got my Mavic. I've done some regular flying, and now I'd like to work on making it fly more smoothly. I want to put in the settings from this video:
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...but I don't want them to mess up the responsiveness when flying it normally.. It would be best if there was a way to switch to that mode when I want to film. I know that the Mavic now has a cinematic mode, but it still seemed a little jerky. Is there a way to put in custom settings for Cinematic mode? And if not, is there any way of putting these settings in, in a way that I can exit out of them back to defaults quickly for more responsive flight?

I know that in DJI Go before DJI Go 4 the EXP screen had 'gentle, normal, and sport' and there as some discussion that maybe Gentle mode was tripod mode (though I'm chatting with DJI support right now about this and so far they haven't been able to confirm that.. they seem a little confused). But now on DJI Go 4 on that same screen on my iPhone it says 'Normal' at the top, but doesn't let me change to other modes. The DJI support guy says that his can change to Gentle mode, not sure why it doesn't work for me.

I know a lot of you have put in your own settings to get smoother cinematic shots.. Did you find a way to do that where you can switch in and out of those settings quickly? I figure (especially as a new flyer) it wouldn't be safe to have those settings on 'all the time' because they might increase stopping distance and reduce maneuverability.

Thanks in advance!
Put all those settings into the normal mode and then you can always just switch to sport mode
Thanks, but I'm hoping to be able to get back to Normal mode. I hear you about the sport mode workaround, but that means no obstacle avoidance, faster speed, more stopping time. I'm basically trying to come up with a way of having 'regular flight mode', 'sport mode' AND my own Cinematic mode. Though I just noticed that on the settings page there is a Cinematic Gain setting.. so maybe I can be more satisfied with the cinematic mode if I mess with that setting.
Update: According to DJI support on the EXP settings screen I should be able to switch to 'Gentle' mode, and those settings are not linked to tripod mode (supposedly), they take effect when you switch to them on that screen. However in DJI Go 4 I can't switch. I only see the word Normal and tapping it makes it highlight but doesn't change anything. After an hour a 40 minutes with chat support he made a support ticket. I've seen the rumours of useless support chats on this forum, and there was my first one..
I wouldn't get so hung up on it, I find you can turn slowly enough with gentle stick inputs.
The gimbal up/down wants slowing down considerably though.
You can slow down the gimbal in the advanced gimbal settings by adjusting gimbal pitch smoothness. Default is 10. 15 I think (in my brief tests today) is a good value because it's smoother to stop but still controllable. 20 is too much because it takes too long to stop moving after I let go of the control... but it will take some experimentation to figure out what the 'perfect' settings are. This is just a one flight test.
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