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cinematic mode

  1. H

    First attemt at something cinematic....

    There must be tons of posts like this already....Let me know what you think!
  2. Will Falcon

    I hate cinematic mode at this moment

    If Cinematic mode is enabled it's VERY hard to position Mavic at excact point with POV from above. It allowes me to move smoothly in horizontal axis only. BUT RUDDER is STILL JERKY JERKY JERKY!!!! I am tired to adjust and readjust all the settings and it STILL JERKY I've spent a tons of hours...
  3. I

    Use Cinematic Mode But DONT Crash

    Using Cinematic Mode and NOT Crashing
  4. D

    Tripode vs cinematic mode

    What is the difference between the Cinematic mode vs Tripod mode in Mavic?
  5. N

    Help programming custom EXP settings (that don't screw up normal flight)

    Hi there I'm new to drones and just got my Mavic. I've done some regular flying, and now I'd like to work on making it fly more smoothly. I want to put in the settings from this video: ...but I don't want them to mess up the responsiveness when flying it normally.. It would be best if there...