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Here's an interesting RTH scenario and I'm not sure what would happen

always set your OA to brake, not bypass

But if you set it to brake won't it just sit there waiting till either you regain connection and continue to fly (which it can't do or it would have never lost connection in the first place) or wait for the obstacle to move (again obviously not going to happen)? So it would just there until the battery dies and you will still end up with a crash and a lost drone since it's that being on the side of a mountain you likely won't have access to retrieve it.

I think I'll just take my chances with bypass mode and hopefully it'll be smart enough to not crash. At least with that I have a chance to get it back.
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I think it's important always to remember that the altitude as calculated (and displayed) by the drone is relative to the take-off point and not related to the actual height above the ground (true at least for drones of my era - I have a Mini 2). This is obviously important for RTH considerations, and especially so for drones without OA, like mine If I RTH and there's anything between my drone and the Home Point higher than the RTH height relative to the take-off point - including the ground - the drone will just crash into it.

As a relative beginner, exactly what the drone means by "altitude" was something I wanted to understand early on, and there was a post on this forum from a few months ago that dealt with it.
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