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hong kong drone fly zone


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Mar 11, 2017
does anyone knows any spot i can i legally fly my mavic in hong kong? i've been in a lot of open areas just to fly my mavic like west kowloon and the security guys told me that its illegal to fly a drone there. even if its not crowded. and i know that flying spots in hong kong would be limited since its a very small place and has a lot of air traffic. not to mention that they're very strict. especially when it comes to violations.

I've been dying to fly and take good shots and videos. can someone please send me a list of where to fly in hong kong.
I was wondering the same thing. I will be in HK this coming week and have no idea where I can safely and more importantly legally fly.

the views and places in hong kong can be very tempting to fly your drone. but be very careful before you fly coz i've heard and read that some people actually gets arrested and charged for flying a drone illegally and even had their drone confiscated. do some research about the place before you fly.
Unfortunately my trip to Hong Kong and China was less than ideal for flying. The major purpose of taking the MP to China was to fly at the Great Wall. The weather had other ideas - high winds, rain and ultimately snow during our hike.

I will say for those traveling with the Mavic that I had no problems with Delta (TSA), China Southern (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai) and no issues with Taiwan. Only real problem was basically having to unpack the backpack (Security likes all cameras and batteries out) and then repack.

Happy flying for those able to have good weather during their travels.
If you want to enjoy flying in HK, Then I may suggest south Lantau Island....Mui Wo, Pui O, and any of the hiking trails are permitted as far as I know....
Lantau Is a pretty much a nature park by enlarge and has lots of places to fly...I live here and its worth the experience....The only downside is that its mountainous and dosent have much wide open space to fly like other countries...But if your into nature, then its ideal...

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