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How bleek?


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Jun 26, 2018
Problem? There are a few:
  1. The gimbal rubber bands are stretched or broken or pulled out (but the image seems fine)
  2. The mavic wont connect to remote in RF setting though it will connect over wifi

Was unit in a crash? Again a few:
1. A couple of minor prop-chippers on grass
2. A legit crash that split a prop and dislodged the gimble - this is when issue 1 started
3. I rigged the gimbal with a piece of cardboard then backed into a tree - this was the last time the remote worked

What have you tried so far?
At the time of issue #1, i figured injust needed new rubber bands, so i took it to DJI in NYC and they wanted $300 to replace the gimbal - it was feeding video back 100% fine and flyable (with vib warnings) after i rigged a holder w cardboard, so i decided id look into how to just replave the rubber bands.

Now that the remote isnt connecting i assume ill have to get proper service for at least this problem-unless both problems can be self-fixed or even (hopefully) profesdionally serviced cheaper than DJI

What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)?
IPhone 8
What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)?
Not sure, latest.
What Go app version are you using?
Any modification? (if so what)
Just ****** cardboard gimbal rug which is in trash now
Did you change anything or install any apps?
You can install apps?

Do you have a video or pictures of the problem? (if so post link)
I can shoot pics of the effed rubber bands if you ask

Anyone here know a reputable repair by mail or location near nyc/northern nj?

If just the gimbal rubber bands were going to be $300, how is both of these repairs going to cost less than replacing the mavic pro second hand?
Any chance you can explain #3 with a bit more detail? It’s not clear what backed in to the tree.
Re: #3 ~ check the WiFi/RC switch next to the SD card slot on the side of the Mavic. Make sure you didn't accidentally flip that switch to WiFi.
Any chance you can explain #3 with a bit more detail? It’s not clear what backed in to the tree.
I backed the mavic into a tree using the orbit contol of follow mode.
We had to jostle it free with a broom handle-triedto be gentle
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