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How can I sync flight records from my old phone into DJI Go?


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May 23, 2018
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I've read the previous threads in synchronization, and they are not helping me.

I don't really look at my flight records too much. I just check in once in a while, look at my stats, hit the sync button, then leave. I changed phones 3 weeks ago. I didn't specifically go look at the app to see if the old flights were still there, but I kinda *thought* they were. I'm really not certain.

Anyway, I just now noticed that all my flights from my old phone are missing, even though I have synced a dozen times since. I know that I synced using the old phone. I didn't notice previously as I have quite a few new flights so I don't really look that far back in the list.

Is there some way using the Assistant computer app to connect the flight records to the app or the DJI database? Is there some way to look at the app flight records on a computer? I'm taking random guesses here. I am separated from my computer until tonight so I haven't been able to look.

Thanks for any advice.
I’m trying to do the same thing ... except that I lost my iPad with the DJI app. I replaced the iPad and would like to be able to import the old flight logs on my new setup.

I read about the DJI Assistant which can download flight logs from the drone and copy them to a PC or Mac but I can’t find any information about whether the records could be imported into the DJI app

I also read about Airdata HD Sync which can read the drone flight records and make them available but they would only be viewable thru the Airdata website

So I’m still looking for the best option.

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