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How do I add a photo

When you create a post, you'll see a row of icons at the top of the window, there is an icon of a picture which will allow you to insert a picture file into the post
Welcome to the forum. You will find helpful advice and support here. We look forward to your participation and seeing your part of the world.
Welcome to Mavic Pilots! :) Enjoy the forum!Thumbswayup
From the regular site which I use on iPad is on bottom left.
Hit it and has drop down.
welcome to the forum.
Just as I am a new Mavic Mini pilot, I am new to the forum. How do I add some photos that I have taken with my new friend? I want to share.

Hello from the Hoosier Heartland Poppa2020.

As the others have stated above, that's how to upload a picture.

If you would like to upload a video, you must copy the URL address of the video from (YouTube, Vimeo,etc) and paste that in your post. It should turn into a thumbnail after you post to the thread.

Pictures may be directly uploaded to the post, but not video.

We look forward to your content.

Good luck and welcome to the Forum. :cool:
The OP has posted his photos in a new thread. I moved them to the showcase.
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