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How do we check for the RID after doing an update.


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Nov 23, 2019
I have been away from the drone for a while so trying to get up to speed for how RID is installed for the Mavic2 Pro. I got everything hooked up and started and went to the smart controller and about for checking on the updates. I completed that and it said do a manual restart of the Drone. completed that and trying to find out how I check that RID is installed. I read one post stating that the smart controller has to be updated from DJI assistant but I thought it was done with all the updates I did on the about section of the on the Go4 smart controller??? I read about the RID will not show inside but outside it does so where do we look outside that our drone is RID equipped? What firmware number and section do we need to see to confirm the Drone is in compliant. Sorry for being ignorant on this matter as I fly RC airplanes and at a approved field so non of this is needed but need to fly the drone elsewhere and need to get it updated. Thanks for any info on this matter.

I have a Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced using DJI Pilot, but your Mavic 2 Pro may be similar. I am not too familiar with DJI Go.
On the preflight check screen, scroll to the bottom. On mine it will show that RID is on and working.

Thanks unless there is another screen on mine I only see the RID number and no status. Updating the Controller finally got it to be able to fly but I need to know if the RID is working. I downloaded a app that is to identify drones around your fight and the example worked but when I started my Drone I so no info about my RID that is why I think it is not working.

Do you know about the other Android remote id apps? OpenDroneID, AirSentinel, and DroneScanner all work for me, but I see some posts where they don't work, makes me think some Androids do and others don't. I don't think an iPhone's wifi works to detect Remote ID, may only be for Android.
Although I don’t fly your model I suspect it’s basically the same everywhere. If you get a “normal” reading for RID and the Serial Number starts with 1581F then I would think you are good to go. You can check it on the Drone Zone FAA website which you should have done to register your drone a while ago 🤞Not quite as easy for us guys who live in the U.K. but I got there in the end!
Drone dite FAA has lng been registered. On the status it does show the RID SN and just like on Drone Zone. This alone soes not say its transmitting? There is no messge Normal Reading for the RID that is why I am checking. To me if I have the master controller for the Drone and DJI GO 4 and all updates are listed and the RID SN I should have additional messages it is working not just a picture of the seriel number? Thanks for the input I will get a correct answer sometime.
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