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How To Do This Rotating Mavic Shot?

It rotates too fast when I do that.

I thought maybe there was some better way to do this.
Ugh. But then it's always slow.
I'm not sure how it applies to dji drones, but on my racing drones I can adjust the first part of the stick input to be very precise, then ramp it up so the upper 2/3s is like normal.

Just a thought. I'm a new to dji, so I'm sure someone else can chime in on this.
Ugh. But then it's always slow.
No. Expo makes the center less sensitive and the ends more sensitive to compensate.

But here it's better to change the "yaw endpoint" which will indeed make it always slower.... until you set it back to normal if you want it fast again that is. You're allowed to change settings according to each specific thing you want to do... and you'll have to if you want the best results.
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