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How To Export Flight Records from Smart Controller

You would e a lot better off getting the records from the sd card. The flight controller video is much lower quality
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best (or simplest) method is to put a 64gb fast SD card into the SC, then at mouting time make it a part of the android storage and transfer internal files to the SD card during mount dialog.
that will put all the stuff in there, including all directories from the go4 application, with logs and cache images/videos. all you need to be careful about after that - do not extract the SD card while SC is turned on, to avoid re-mounting issues. other than that - you just pull the card out, copy content to PC, insert card back in, no problems.
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How can you export the flight records from the Smart Controller to a computer desk top to be shared?

'turn off debug developer mode. it is a known bug.'
Many thanks for this!
Spent an hour trying to get SC connected to PC : usb A computer -> usb C SC with no luck.
Looking for drivers etc etc
Did a slide down from top of SC screen after connecting and turned off debug developer mode.
Now it shows up as MTP USB device in file manager and is fully accessible.

And FYI for SC flight logs location: (I've read elsewhere giving different locations)
SanDisk SD card / DJI / dji.go.v4 / FlightRecord
(may be internal shared storage, but I have my settings for external card)

And for Litchi:
SanDisk SD card / LitchiApp / flightlogs (.CSV files)
SanDisk SD card / DJI / com.flylitchi / FlightRecord (.txt files)
If you make an SD part of internal storage of an Android, it can't be used anywhere else. It should be mounted as secondary SD storage formatted as FAT.
Then use file manager to copy logs from DJI folder to SD card. Unmount card (logically and physically), use card reader to get logs to PC.
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How can you export the flight records from the Smart Controller to a computer desk top to be shared?

Add the sd card at the top of controller, power on, bottom right 4 squares in a circle, file manager, on the category page (shows this at the top) click on internal storage, click on the folder again (brings up a selection of folders). Next scroll through for the dji.go.v4 (click on that folder). At the bottom of the screen click edit, select flight record. At the bottom click copy, then select you sd card, after it has copied it over, power down remove sd card, connect to pc, job done, i hope this helps
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