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How to sync Mini 4 Pro w/RC2 to Air Data

If I remember rightly my drones were detected and added by Air Data to the list whenever a new one took to the air under the control of Litchi. Logging into Air Data I can access the individual page for each drone or battery, to add comments and such.
Thank you Meta4. My Air Data settings screen is different than the screen shots in your post. Is yours a paid version? In any case it looks like my app is syncing with DJI's data. I will just need to sync my flight data with DJI which I will do the next time I fly my drone. Then I will check the app to see if the data synced. Much appreciated.
I waited until I got home so my RC 2 could connect to Wi-Fi so the files could be synced. The RC 2 is showing all my DJI flights, both my Mavic Air 2 and my Mini 4 Pro. But Air Data is only showing my Mavic Air 2 flights. I authorized the Mini 4 Pro to sync it's data but it's not showing up in Air Data. And obviously Air Data is syncing with DJI as it has the Mavic Air 2's flights so I don't know what might be wrong.
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