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Hyperlapse Failure


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Aug 31, 2023
I am planning on doing a night hyperlapse in a day or so. As such I was testing things out at my house. I went out front and flew the drone up to 250 ' and set video mode and then chose night mode. Then I chose hyperlapse and waypoint. I decided I would have the drone stay in one location and just yaw the drone for each waypoint. I set the hyperlapse duration to 10 seconds and the interval to 2 seconds. This resulted in 250 images. However when I was watching the drone perform the hyperlapse, it acted erratically around 3/4 of the way through the flight. It's a clear night with no wind. Moreover the hyperlapse started out slowly and then seemed to gain speed as it progressed. There is nothing in the logs about what it was doing. I had done a hyperlapse previously that was about 1000 images and the drone travelled about 1/4 mile during the hyperlapse and that all worked perfectly.

You can see the results of my failure here:

Is this due to the hyperlapse software not liking the stationary drone that is just yawing in place? The setup software did not seem to have an issue with it. To do this kind of stationary hyperlapse should I not use waypoints but instead one of the other modes?

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I can't answer for after the FW update.. But even before this and the previous bug fix version.. When stationary I found it panned slightly on its own and just wouldn't stay put... So maybe it's a thing
OK - I am going to re-test today as soon as it warms up a bit.
Re-ran the test and short of a bit more wind it worked just fine. VERY strange...
OK I just ran 4 more tests. 2 tests had 2 way points - 1 at the start of the pan and one at the end. Same settings - 2sec interval and 10 sec duration. 2 tests had 5 waypoints spread between the start and the end. All of the tests resulted in abject failure. So I suspect you are right - Time of day is the key here.
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