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I didn't charge the battery 100% before 1st use


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Aug 23, 2018
I didn't charge the battery 100% before 1st use.

I wanted to update firmware so I interrupted the first charge. I see in the manual the first charge must be full.

Do you think there is any negative effect? Should I do something about it?
Groot, my layman's guess is no, as long as your battery lasted thru the update.
I tested it with 2 min flying after the update and after that charged it to 100%
Doing a update without a fully charge battery is fine. But do not fly unless the battery is at 100% or you could suffer the same fate as others have.
Not sure what you mean... Tell me more please. Sounds scary so far :)
People have flown without the battery being at 100% which is never a good idea. If you do so the voltage could drop rapidly and we all know what happens from there.
You didn't damage it, just charge it it 100% before next flight and ALWAYS before every subsequent flight.

If you need to do firmware updates, I like to do them with the 30% battery remaining AFTER the last fight before the FW update comes out.
I tested it with 2 min flying after the update and after that charged it to 100%
Next time just try to be patient and charge it to 100% before every flight. Even a 2 min test flight with a partially charged battery can ruin your day if your unlucky.
It kind of depends regarding flying without a fully charged battery.
The crux is that when the batteries are left alone for a few days, they start to discharge themselves automatically to a certain level. So there's a risk when you grab a battery that's 90% full and hasn't been used for a while that it's discharging. When you takeoff in this state, the battery level may suddenly drop rapidly, and before the quad is back, it is depleted.
If I recall correctly, all low battery flights that went wrong seemed to be caused by this. Though, anyone please correct me if I'm wrong.

However, if you've made a flight the same day or one before and the battery was around 60 or 70% when you packed it, you can actually still takeoff. I've done this countless of times, and I'm sure many others have taken off and landed multiple times with one battery. Just don't go far or do any risky flights, because obviously, the less power is left, the shorter the flight time is. And 60% of 17 minutes effective flight time, isn't a whole lot. Flying without a fully charged battery certainly has its risks, so always fly more careful when you do.

But that said, in general, just use fully charged batteries whenever you can. ;)
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