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I landed my drone in a honey locust tree..

Father Cheddar

New Member
Mar 4, 2021
I was going to post something when I got the drone stuck in the tree but my thoughts were consumed in thinking of ways to get it out. Long story short. I goofed. It wasn't until I approached the tree that was using my drone as a topper that I realized the magnitude of the goof. If you never heard of a honey locust tree look it up. My drone sat 70 foot up this devil tree, and there had been 40mph wind gusts and this thing has not moved. Climbing was out of the question. Another bit of irony was it was the only honey locust in a line of trees, the rest were just normal trees and not this monstrosity. I ran out of ideas and looked around for what others did to get thier drones out of a tree. The one thing I came across that worked flawlessly was something I can only describe as a redneck harpoon. Launched it over the branch the drone was stuck in and then fed a rope back through. With a little bit of tugging and the drone fell head first into the ground below. Surprisingly the only thing that broke was the gimble lens hood I had on it, and of course the props were trashed. I did a little low altitude flying to test it out and everything is functional and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. Granted it landed on the grass but I am shocked I come out the other end of this with a functioning drone. Ive learned my lesson and will fly with less complacency, also redneck harpoon works.


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