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In how cold weather can you fly the mini 3?

Lots of very good advice. I have had to fly in temps down to 0 degrees F. If you follow the advice above for the drone, you will be in good shape. I typically fly an Inspire 2 under these conditions and use an iPad. The key is to keep the iUnit warm. With the iPad I start two hand warmers (such as Hot Hands, etc,), and tape them down the back center of the iPad with medical tape used to attach bandages. It is sticky but not too sticky. Do this while the iUnit is warm. In an iPad, the battery runs down the center of the unit so I tape them there. Then, I surround the iPad with the top (removed) from a small insulated beverage holder. You need to cut a couple of slots for cables. After this, I never had an iPad shut down on me. See photo:


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right now, in sweden, its been about minus 20 degrees celcius all week.
Really sunny and beautiful and i was thinking about flying the drone but im not sure it can handle the cold.

Any experience or info about this?

Was thinking it would work good but i dont want to take any chances.
1 month ago i flew in like minus 4, and the video started to freeze so i had to look on the map to be able to fly back home.
But that could very well have been the phones fault since i have experiensed problem with the iphone 6 before in cold weather.
I fly regularly all winter long (I live in Canada). I place those “hot shot” hand warmers in my pockets along with the batteries and cell phone to keep them warm. Seems to help a bit with flight time.

Like others have stated, your cell phone is the weakest link in the whole system. Keeping it warm will enable you to fly longer.
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@alexjo55, something you might consider if you are doing more than occasional flying in cold weather is to pick up a used DJI RC controller (the one with the built in screen). Set-up will be much quicker and you won't likely have issues with the controller shutting down prematurely due to cold temperatures. Also, that controller is rated to operate properly down -10ºC just like the drone is.

I don't have experience using the RC controller with the Mini 3 but I do have the RC Pro controller and have used it in cold temperatures and it has behaved flawlessly.

Just a suggestion as an alternative to your iPhone 6.

A couple of points.
First, keep in mind that flying in temps outside the manufacturer's recommendations could be illegal and/or will not be covered by warranty.
Second, from a Canadian pilot who has flown his Phantom 3 Pro in minus 31C, I can tell you, typically most aircraft are fine in cold temps and will outlast the pilot's fingers in the cold.
Be sure to start with a warm, fully charged battery and be gentle on the sticks, props get brittle in very cold temps and don't like alot of stress.
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