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Initialization DISTANCE


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Oct 17, 2016
Sarnia ON Canada
I've been experimenting with how to conduct BVLOS ops ( Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) legally and became curious about how far away you could start a Mavic so I tried and experiment. My observer friend Ian took my Mavic and Phantom 4Pro+ a little over a kilometer away ( across open water for best reception)
Point C was about 1.2km and point be was about 660meters from my position at A
Neither machine used antennae augmentation. Both stock, full battery tried both 2.4Ghz and 5.6 Ghz
We communicated by walkie talkie

Mavic would barely connect at C (some intermittent video) nothing solid
P4P+ would not even connect ( note: there was a few trees but no buildings just past point B which may have interferred)
Mavic fired up and would have taken off with good video signal if the blades had been on ( Off for safety)
P4P+ Would connect but flakey video and would not accept a start signal
Both were attempted on the ground and being held overhead

Mavic clearly has a better radio and video signal than Phantom 4

At under 500m both machines will connect and engines will fire and take off is blades were used

How do you set the 5 Ghz X-mission on MP?
I would like to try this but can't find it somehow....thnx.
Not something that I will try to do, but still good to know more about our birds, good find.
How do you set the 5 Ghz X-mission on MP?
I would like to try this but can't find it somehow....thnx.
It's under Image Transmission settings. . but you are right the main downlink on Mavic is only 2.4Ghz . . that test was only done on the P4P+ . . if you look on Mavic though there is a choice of 20Mhz or 10 Mhz for image transmission but I did not test each of those . . it was on 20Mhz during all of these tests

Also of course I did not try HD mode video . . that would likely not have worked at all anyway
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