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  1. K

    Which drone to use for Pix4Dmodel?

    Hi all, I will be creating 3D models for my company using pix4Dmodel and we will purchase a new drone to get the job done. I don't have much experience with pix4Dmodel and I need some feedback from people that have used it before. What would be a better drone for our purpose? I know Mavic 2 Pro...
  2. N

    Looking to upgrade my (crashed) P3A to a mavic

    I had the P3A from when it got released and never had any crashes or collusion until now. I miss judged and flew at full speed with the wind into a tree. It destroyed the camera, cracked glass, broken gimbal motor and completely snapped it off, the battery case and the quad frame cracked, bits...
  3. Cookedinlh

    Initialization DISTANCE

    I've been experimenting with how to conduct BVLOS ops ( Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) legally and became curious about how far away you could start a Mavic so I tried and experiment. My observer friend Ian took my Mavic and Phantom 4Pro+ a little over a kilometer away ( across open water for best...
  4. thefrisbee995

    This quality is amazing!

    So I got a P4P when the Mavic came out as the delivery took too long. I recently switched my P4P for a Mavic... I got the Mavic knowing the P4P is probably a lot better in terms of video quality... When I saw how small the Mavic camera was my heart kind of sunk and I thought I had made a...
  5. thefrisbee995

    UK Buying Advice Please?

    So I have been making videos for a couple of months with my P4P and have been well pleased with the results... But the thing is that I am getting to the point where I just think "argh.. effort". So I need to know, where can I get the fly more combo in the UK that will deliver in a reasonable...
  6. M

    Very Windy! Fly or not to fly? Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro's Cinematic Footage

    So we were on the way back home and we came across a nice fishing village east of Scotland near Edinburgh, wave were strong, wind was gusty and at times hitting 25-30mph. But, I had to give the Mavic a wind test. It came out very well. Also had a Phantom 4 Pro as well, the phantom 4 pro slow...
  7. W

    Mavic pro vs Phantom 4 pro for comercial purposes???

    Ok I have just received my P4 Pro + and added it to my small fleet. I currently have an Inspire 2, mavic and as Mentioned P4Pro. The question I pose: Do I NEED both the mavic and P4P, or is the P4Pro the way to go???? Any and all help appreciated... I do have my 107 and use them...
  8. M

    Very Windy! Mavic and P4P Fly Trip on route to Edinburgh

    Ok, so as most of you who lived in the UK will know that past week or two, we had this stormy weather with strong winds, I wasn't going to risk anything with flying the Mavic but after coming across a few really nice scenery, I decided to gave it a go on flying in this windy condition, to my...