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Which drone would you use with pix4Dmodel?

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Sep 17, 2017
Hi all,

I will be creating 3D models for my company using pix4Dmodel and we will purchase a new drone to get the job done. I don't have much experience with pix4Dmodel and I need some feedback from people that have used it before. What would be a better drone for our purpose? I know Mavic 2 Pro and P4P have better performance in terms of image quality. Would the quality of the 3D model differ a lot if we use a cheaper drone such as Mavic Pro?

Thank you,
Its not going to matter too much as Pix4D mapper typically uses .jpg images during processing. Standard .jpg images are not going to differ too much when shot using the Mavic Pro versus the Mavic 2 and P4P. The big difference in image quailty will be in the RAW pictures that are saved as .dng files on the SD card within the drone itself.

Want me to load up Pix4d and take some snaps and then process them using the .jpg files so that you can determine if that will meet your needs? They have a 15 day trial version that will allow full use.
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Thanks for the response! I didn't know they offered a free trial, I'll check it out! And yes I would really apreciate it if you could do that!
Out of those choices the P4P would be the best. The MP1 has a lesser quality image than the others, but I've had decent results with it. The MP2 Zoom would be the same. The MP2s I believe still have some exif data issues that could be troublesome for you, and they don't have the precision landing feature, so you'll have to interrupt your automated mission to manually land the aircraft accurately. The P4P has a near professional quality camera with a mechanical shutter, and is used by many professionals for general photography and photogrammetry, even though it's not the latest model out there.
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