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mavic 2 pro

  1. 3baid

    Hello from Kuwait

    Hello everyone great to be here as a member and it is so awesome to have a dedicated forums for helping each other! totally new to drones, never flown any! Just watched a lot of YouTube videos.. that got me in to the drone world so bad i placed an order for Mavic 2 pro and a Mavic air 2! cant...
  2. J

    Scenes from South Karelia, Finland

    Hello everybody! Already posted this on the pilot check-in part of the forum, and got some nice feedback there. But i figured it might fit this thread also. This is a teaser on my upcoming photo exhibition, made with the Mavic 2 Pro. Footage compiled from my first 8 hours of flight time. I...
  3. J

    Greetings from Finland, also my first drone video!

    Hello to you all, long time forumstalker and professional photographer here, reporting in from Finland. I got my mavic 2 pro last week, and have been flying for 8 hours now, creating a teaser trailer for my upcoming photo exhibition. I actually preordered the Air 2, but cancelled my order, and...
  4. F

    [SOLD] Mavic 2 Pro + FlyMore + 64 GB Sandisk Extreme + Add'l Props -- Excellent Condition, Original Box

    Mavic 2 Pro ($1599 new) Approximately 8 hours, 30 flights Well cared-for, original packaging FlyMore Bundle ($399 new) 2 additional batteries 3-battery charging dock Car charger Shoulder bag Power bank (allows battery to charge smartphone) 2 pairs of props Plus ... Sandisk Extreme MicroSD card...
  5. desertvet38

    Had To Get My "Fix" With My M2P - Riverview, Florida

    I hadn't flown my M2P in a while, so I had to fire her up and get her up in the air where she belongs! This is my backyard, where I can literally sit in my comfy chair next to my pool, and fly to my hearts content! :cool:
  6. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier "Century Emerald" - Tampa Bay, Florida

    I hope everyone is doing well, despite what we are all going through. I had to get out of the house today and get some video of a ship that was moored in the usual spot I video 99% of my ship videos. It was fun, I went through 3 batteries, and enjoyed getting out of the house. Not only did I...
  7. mysticgnarwhal

    Some Beautiful shots of Oahu, Hawaii with the Mavic 2 Pro (PRE-CORONA)

    Hey all! I always appreciate the positivity of this community on here and always feel welcome to share my videos. This is a short travel film I created of my wife and I's first trip to Hawaii. All of the drone shots were from the Mavic 2 Pro. Please let me know what you think -- I appreciate...
  8. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier "Patagonia" - Tampa Bay, Florida

    This is the 591' long "Patagonia", a bulk carrier ship from Singapore. She was moored in Gibsonton, right off Tampa Bay this morning, so I had to pay her a visit before she set sail. Shot in 4k, at 30fps on my M2P.
  9. B

    Interpolate gimbal doesn't work on Mavic 2 pro (Litchi)

    Hey guys, I have this issue that doesn't allow me to do the job. I 'm running a Litchi waypoint mission with gimbal pitch set to "Interpolate" on all waypoints but the gimbal won't move smoothly. It will change the angle but just before each waypoint (suddenly) and not continuously while flying...
  10. P

    Compilation Of Flying In Happier Times

    Hi With restrictions now in place pretty well everywhere, I thought I’d put together a mishmash of places I’ve been fortunate enough to fly my Mavic at. See how many places you prizes just the personal satisfaction. Take care and stay safe. Peter
  11. R

    Mavic 2 Pro - Prop Cage needed!

    Hey there, bought my new Mavic 2 Pro and looking not for a prop guard like DJI is selling them, more like this here: DJI Mavic Pro Propeller Cage 134678 - but that only fits & works with the Mavic Pro so far. Is there any alternative for such a REAL PROP CAGE? Can't understand...
  12. C

    Editing Issue. Please help. Nothing works!

    Hi Guys, I’m pretty new here so I apologise if this has been posted before. I recently to the plunge to further my droning and bought a Mavic 2 Pro. I’m extremely impressed with it and the high end footage it is giving me compared to my previous drone. However, i have a clean 2011 iMac...
  13. M

    Horizon issues when filming diagonal rising shots

    Hi, Hope for some advice.... When I try to capture shots travelling diagonally (up & left/right). The horizon is really out of level. I'm flying a Mavic 2 pro and it is new, never crashed etc. I've calibrated the gimbal but doesn't seem to make any difference. I've added an example video below...
  14. Rarasmus

    Mavic 2 Pro Camera Flipped After Crash

    I clipped a small tree while flying my Mavic 2 Pro and the drone dropped about four feet onto my driveway. The drone has a few scuffs but the camera flipped 180 degrees and is now facing backwards. (See picture) I have tried to gently force it back into place but don’t want to break it further...
  15. K

    Loose gimbal/camera

    I recently bought a Mavic off of eBay but I’m not sure if something’s wrong with the gimbal. It seems pretty loose when it’s off to the point where if I hold it side ways it turns and hits the side. Not sure if this is normal or not
  16. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier Ship Nordtajo - Tampa Bay

    Well, the "Horizon" set sail sometime last night, and today I looked on my Marine Tracker app, and it showed this new ship, the Bulk Carrier "Nordtajo" in it's place, with a home port of Valletta (the Capital of Malta). Soooooo...with three batteries full of power, a killer DJI Mavic 2 Pro...
  17. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier "Horizon" - Tampa Bay, Florida

    So this 586' ship moored itself near my home the other day, so since it was gorgeous out, I wanted to get down there and get some drone footage of her before she departed. She was actually being filled (you'll see it in the video) with some type of mineral. Not sure what it was... But it was...
  18. desertvet38

    Following Jetski on Active Track Mode

    This jetski though he could outrun my DJI Mavic 2 beast mode (okay, not really "beast mode", but more like "active track mode"). Nope..maybe some other day, pal. This was taken on the Alafia River, by William's Park in Gibsonton.
  19. A

    Lost my Mavic 2 Pro only a few days after purchasing! "flyaway" Never returned home

    I purchased my Mavic Pro 2 on Amazon and received it on March 2nd, 2020! I flew it around my house about 3 different occasions just to make sure I was still confident of myself since I previously owned the original Mavic pro but had sold it. I purchased some extra batteries and a case as well as...
  20. desertvet38

    "Illovo River" Bulk Carrier Ship, Tampa

    This beautiful 590' bulk carrier ship, "Illovo River" was moored in Gibsonton, right off Tampa Bay and the Alafia River, so I just had to make the short drive to get my drone in the air and take some 2.7k, 30fps video, and pictures of her. My DJI Mavic 2 Pro rocks!