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Looking to upgrade my (crashed) P3A to a mavic


Sep 30, 2017
I had the P3A from when it got released and never had any crashes or collusion until now. I miss judged and flew at full speed with the wind into a tree. It destroyed the camera, cracked glass, broken gimbal motor and completely snapped it off, the battery case and the quad frame cracked, bits were flying everywhere. (depressing but at least it went out in style lol) RIP 3PA

Now I am looking at getting either a P4P or a Mavic. I love everything about the Mavic, especially the portability, I am just a bit worried about the stills quality. The main use will be landscape photography for angles where I cant take my 5d.

I know that the P4P will be much better for me in terms of image quality but it can be a bit of a pain to carry around so it only comes along on some trips. So my main thought is (the best camera is the one with you) and I am more likely to have the Mavic with me all the time but my main concern is the image quality. I have spent hours looking through sample footage and there tends to allot of noise, artifacts, vignetting and blurry Sides of the image (not talking about the first flights where pilots didn't realize they had to manually autofocus).

So for my last stop before my purchase, I wanted to ask Mavic owners into what they think. I have no way to test a Mavic before purchase and I can't think of anyone better to ask that Mavic Pilots.

For a side note. allot of photographs will be used online with the Mavic will be perfect for. I am just a bit worried about print quality. eg 22" x 14". Could also answer this question by saying in where would you recommend the Mavic and where will it fall short? Sample images would be welcoming as well.

Thanx allot
22x14 is just slightly out of the recommended picture print recommendation for 12MP stills. Unless you stitch together photos, the largest I would recommend you go is 18x12. Just my opinion, I am by no means an expert. Here is a couple photos I’ve taken, one normal 12 in 16:9 and a panoramic I stitched together. It takes good photos in my opinion, but if your looking to do larger prints it might not be the best choice. I guess it comes down to what you value most; portability or MP range.
Thanx Cslucas34

If it wasn't for the prints then I think I would settle for the Mavic. I mean the portability is just amazing and for less money than the p4p, I can get the fly longer combo package for the Mavic.

Nice shot by the way and thanx for sharing. yes I have thought of stitching images together (have done so with p3a before) which I think works fine but just a bit worried about warping the image too much but I will just have to try and play around

Here is the stitched image from my p3a which I cropped the bottom a fair bit to get rid of the roads that ended up fish eyed bent. can still see the warping a bit.


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