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    Purchasing my first drone

    Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase my first drone by purchasing something not expensive and will entertain my needs for a while. Call me cheap but I am trying not to go over $400 but will tolerate $450. As of right now I am looking at the new DJI Mini SE and Mini 2. I am contemplating...
  2. X

    Will be purchasing my first drone - Jan from Germany

    Hey folks, it's nice to be here. My name is Jan and I'am from germany. For years now I waited to get a drone but with my next holiday destinations, I can't wait any longer. I just can't get my head around which one to buy. So what i figured from Youtube videos: MAVIC AIR: Quality: + sharper...
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    Looking to upgrade my (crashed) P3A to a mavic

    I had the P3A from when it got released and never had any crashes or collusion until now. I miss judged and flew at full speed with the wind into a tree. It destroyed the camera, cracked glass, broken gimbal motor and completely snapped it off, the battery case and the quad frame cracked, bits...
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    $690 New Mavic? Is something wrong?

    The following link seems to be for a new mavic, but the price is incredibly low. Do you think this is a defect, or previously owned? I send in a question and am waiting for a response. What's confusing is they have other listings at prices over $1,000, that seem to be the same basic box...
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    Check Mavic before buying

    Hi! I'm going to buy DJI Mavic from a unofficial reseller - unfortunately, in my country this is the only way to obtain this drone, without paying a fortune and waiting for few weeks. And I want to check it before buying, and not just visually, but also I want to turn it on and see if it's...