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INSANE amounts of noise after update


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Sep 27, 2018
I'm so lost and frustrated right now.

Been using the Mavic 1 since launch and never had a problem with noise - always shooting at 2.7k, +1, -1, -1, No ND, D-cine or dlog and everything has always looked crispy once corrected/LUT applied. Then after a while of not using the drone I updated it recently to head out for a shoot and something is different.

Auto or Manual, even shooting at ISO 100 the amount of noise is insane. Not even isolated, just like the whole frame is blown out at a crazy high ISO when it's clearly not. EV from -1 right through to +1 appears the same. Auto or Manual shutter setting. I'm just stumped.

Note - ONLY happens with video, the RAW images come out perfect and crispy.

I've attached a couple of screenshot examples, one corrected(ish) vs the original. The sun is behind the drone as well.

Thoughts? What the hell is going on here?


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OP UPDATE: Went back out and hovered in the same general spot and worked through 11 different alternative settings while taking notes on paper - profile, res, sharpness, EV correction, auto/manual, ISO

1) Cine & Dlog are terrible now. Is this the same for everyone else? WTF has happened? Is it my drone or are they riddled with terrible full screen noise now?
2) +1 and -1 Sharpness introduces loads of noise and makes things worse for Cine & Dlog, 0 was better but still bad.
3) Vivid profile had the least noise and captured the most details, this was at 0, 0, 0 though. Need to reduce sat and contrast next time though.
4) 2.7k and 4k were about the same, maybe slightly worse in 4k.

From now I think I have to shoot in Vivid with the saturation down and adjust contrast in post.... but there is still way to much noise/grain that's just randomly started happening and I'm not stoked about it.

Appreciate any thoughts you have?
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