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Intermittent use of Goggles


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Jun 30, 2018
I have got a pair of Goggles which I have not used yet as I am waiting until I am more familiar with my Mavic Pro.

I am not sure yet how I am going to use the Goggles but can they be used for just part of the flight when I feel the Mavic is a safe altitude ? My plan is to take off with the controller and phone as normal. Get to a good height, let the Mavic hover whilst I put on the Goggles and then fly using them. Every now and again lift the Goggles up and confirm all is good by looking at my phone. Towards the end of the flight take off the Goggles and land using phone. I should point out that I will make sure I have my wife with me to act as a spotter.

Does the above sound like reasonable plan ? I know I won't be getting the most out of the goggles by flying so conservatively but it should be better than nothing and I can get more adventurous later.
The GO4 app running on phone and the DJI goggles are working in parallel, so yes, you can. But there is no need to do so, as the goggles are running a stripped-down version of the GO4 app and are therefore showing almost the same information.
The only reason for using the phone is for accessing special features which are not available in the goggles version, such as special ActiveTrack options, waypoints, POI and so on.
Hi Storyline

You do not show your location in your login badge, so I dont know where you are in the world, but nearly all countries have some kind of VLOS ( visual line of sight ) policy when flying drones, generally the rule is that you do not fly a drone any further from your location than a distance at which you can still see the drone with your naked eye. So wearing goggles precludes you from keeping the drone within your line of sight ( Yes I know...? I did not make the rules :) ). So... as GerdS says you can fly the drone without a tablet or phone connection, you actually only need the RC.
I fly wearing goggles on occasion, and when I have done all my checks I put the goggles on and away I go, all the the flight telemetry is there, and any warnings will pop up on screen.

Have Fun
Thanks for the replies :)

I am in the UK and so yes, I am aware of the 'problem' of the VLOS rules. This is why I will make sure I will have a spotter with me so although I may not be technically complying I will try to keep within the spirit of the rules and I will certainly be very cautious. The reason I posted this thread is that I read a comment on another Goggles related thread which implied that when flying with them crashing is inevitable eventually. This obviously alarmed me hence my strategy of confirming where I think the Mavic is with Mk1 eyeball from time to time whilst using the Goggles. The rules are in a way 'not fit for purpose' unless wearing VR headsets is banned. Some may say that the headsets are for a second person to watch the flight but although I have not used them yet, from what I gather being a passive observer is very different from the immersive experience of using them whilst flying the aircraft (I can't wait ;))
Hi Storyline
Like everything with drone flying, there is always a potential hazard, I must admit I have flow into and object whilst filming, I was flying sideways on to a track filming a runner for a club promo,
Because I was on my own, and did not have a spotter, I did not realise that I was getting closer to the track because I was so absorbed with the shoot, I knew there was an obstacle, but when I set off on the flight I judged that I would pass on the outside of the obstacle.

Lesson learned, If you are flying using goggles you will get a much better appreciation of what the outcome of your video will look like, I'ts more real..... but a spotter is a must if you are at low level.

Have found a half way house solution which should allow me to get to know and be confident with the Goggles prior to using them with the Mavic.

I have bought a little DJI Tello drone and have found an old tablet that has HDMI out on to run the app. This means FPV using the Goggles ! The only downside is that although I will become confident it might spoil the experience of flying the Mavic FPV as it won't be new to me. Would anyone comment on whether the Goggles or FPV generally stays as exciting as I have read it is even after getting completely used to them ?
Hi Storyline

Some Flying and filming can only really be done with Goggles, it's so immersive it's like being in the cockpit.
It is especially good when trying to follow something, it does not matter which direction your POI (subject ) turns, the stick action needed to closely follow your subject is completely natural, you don't feel separate from the event, you are There...!!!.

One slight down side is,flying like that becomes so absorbing that at first you tend not to pay attention to your surroundings, or your flight telemetry, that is why an observer is recommended when flying FPV, for you have no VLOS with Goggles, and unless you are well above ground level you will not be aware of potential hazards, trees, buildings, terrain slope etc.

If you want to feel like you are flying a plane, then the experience you get in Fixed Wing mode is great.

Have Fun, fly safe.

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