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IOS users who wanted to prevent sudden updates.


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Dec 28, 2016
When DJI GO 4.0.5 came out I was surprised that my dedicated iPhone 6 plus just updated itself and that dominoed into forcing me to update the firmware.

I decided to investigate and realized that I had never turned OFF the auto update feature on this phone. My normal phone still has GO4.0.3 running on it. I had gotten so use to the setting being off that I forgot automatically updating even existed.

I highly suggest you turn yours off. That way your flying day cannot be ruined by a sudden update. You will still see a notification next to the settings Icon that a new version is out and you can choose when and if you want to install it.

Go To: Settings / itunes & App Store / Automatic downloads (Updates = Off)

Also for good measure go into Password setting at the top and under it you will see "Free Downloads" / Require Password. I set that to ON and then put in my iTunes password to confirm. This is how my iPhone 5S is setup and it has never installed an App or an App update without me doing it manually.

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Jan 8, 2017
Memphis, TN
It would be nice is iOS would allow auto update on a per app basis. I do like the auto update functionality but sometimes it can mess things up!

It is possible to restore an old version of the software from your computer if needed, which I have had to do before years ago. When you back up to iTunes it keeps a copy of every app. This assumes you have made a backup that included the version of the app you want.
Delete it off the phone, then sync and manually select the app in the iTunes list of 'installed apps'. It will sync the old one back to the phone.

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Also- this app folder can get really big over time! I cleaned up my mac's ssd a few months ago and there was 25 gigs or so of apps I've had over the last 6 years. That and old complete backups going way back to my iPhone 4 and original iPad. Went from 50 gigs free to 300 gigs free by the time I was done. The new 'optimize storage' program in the 'about this mac' section did a great job of listing all the old huge files I didn't need anymore.
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