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Ipad Mini giving CPU fully loaded message


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Sep 30, 2018
Does anyone have any suggestions to keep this form happening? It causes the software to basically become unresponsive..I dedicated this Ipad to the drone, so I only have the bare minimum installed.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
I’ve had this issue with my iPad mini 4 and mavic 2 pro. I’ve only seen it once since I’ve updated to iOS 12. I also close all the other apps before flight.
Do you ever shut the mini all the way off? or is it asleep when not in use?
Sometimes powering it down and restarting it fixes problems like this.
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I had this happen on the iPhone 6s Plus. Turned out it may have been temperature. I was flying with direct sunlight hitting the phone screen and it was pretty hot out. I was also running the iOS 12 beta at the time too so not sure if that played a factor or not. I now am running the public release of iOS 12 and it hasn’t happened again, but I also have not flown in those same hot conditions again either.
To be safe, I always close all other apps and refresh the memory before a flight. I use an app that displays free memory and cpu usage too so I know the current state of the phone before I take off.
It became a habit to me to clear cache on DJI GO before taking off.
So far I have not seen that issue on my 6s+.
I experienced the temp problem where phone shuts down when it gets hot enough.
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