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Isla Mujeres, Mexico Vacation / Mavic, GoPro & Whale Sharks


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Jan 26, 2017
Dallas, Texas
Finally finished compiling and editing all the footage I took while in Isla Mujeres, Mexico a couple of weeks ago. Isla Mujeres is a 4 mile island about a mile off the coast of Cancun, and one of my favorite places on earth.

I was NOT preparing for this, but in order to avoid a No Fly Zone at our end of the island, I had to get in a kayak, paddle out into the ocean a few hundred yards, and hand launch from the kayak - very nerve-racking to say the least. Even more frustrating was that there were 2 other guests there who were able to fly their Phantoms around the hotel just fine (on an earlier firmware, I assume?) I also saw someone else flying a mavic right from our hotel. Of course my wife was like: "How come THEY can fly their drones and you can't?" ARRRRGGHH! I even tried going to a local Mexican "internet cafe" to downgrade my firmware and try that, but the Internet speed was too slow for a successful downgrade. I spent most of my week in paradise being pissed off at DJI.

Unfortunately, our hotel, the Mia Reef, was on the very edge of a No Fly Zone, because of a tiny runway nearby that is sometimes by used some private pilots there. During the 8 days we were there, we saw 1 small plane fly over. This is a TINY island - No cars (except a few small local taxis) Golf carts are the primary transportation. There is no "airport", no tower, no one to call, and needless to say I was extremely frustrated with the fact that I couldn't even launch my mavic at our end of the island (after spending weeks preparing: extra batteries, new nd filters, extra SD cards, etc.) I could fly (and did) at the other end of the island, which is also beautiful, luckily.

Forgive the sometimes choppy footage - I'm not very good with any of the special filming features of DJI GO 4 yet, so all of this footage was taken while flying manually - most of it from a moving kayak.

I used the PGY-TECH CPL ND filter for all of the drone footage. The mavic handled the high winds effortlessly - even by the steep cliffs and over the ocean.

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Hope you enjoy - feel free to comment. I HIGHLY recommend Isla Mujeres as a vacation destination. We will be back next year and I will be better prepared to handle the NFZ next time.
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Was there in June,Whale shark trip was 'probably the coolest thing Iv done in my life and im an adventure junkie,(if you cant get hurt or die ,,,it aint fun) I was flyng the P3P so no problems with NFZ.Will be going back in sept with the mavic
One of my favourite places, usually have lunch in the sea off the beach after a morning of swimming with the Whale Sharks.
Great video compilation. Like the mix of themes. 4 minutes is plenty long unless it's for in-laws.
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