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  1. Thmoore

    How to register a drone in Mexico.

    Looks like registering to fly a drone in Mexico is pretty straightforward. Under 250g, no registration required. Over 250g, email 'em a form and some gov't ID and proof of purchase. This appears to be the procedure as of Dec. 2023: How to Register a Drone in Mexico
  2. A

    3 Had the opportunity to fly down to Baja California to shoot a $26M Superyacht, mix of Mavic 3 & interior video

    We couldn't stop the boat because it's 156' long so I had to take off and land while it was running at speed 🥲 one of the craziest trips of my life. Just getting the call to film it was wild enough, but my flight was delayed and I was going to miss the deadline so I changed flights to San Diego...
  3. D

    Flying at the border

    Looking to get arial clips of the large flag in Tijuana and traffic crossing the border. Just a few short clips to set the scene early in a short video. If I do this from the parking lot at the last US exit is this legal? I am not interested in crossing over.
  4. Gringorio

    2 Pro Hand Catch at Sea in Calm Conditions

    Avoiding aft deck obstacles to land after an endangered Vaquita survey:
  5. Rathi Roam

    Air 1 Mexico & Guatemala | Travel Video

    It’s been a while since I uploaded anything on YT but the wait is finally over.. I just finished my video from Mexico and Guatemala where I was also accompanied by my good old Mavic Air 1. Let me know what you think! If you like it, feel free to do all the usual good stuff on YouTube to support me.
  6. Pasquale Josepe

    Mini 2 Incredible Beaches of Cancun Mexico!

    Wow did I ever need a vacation. I was able to bring my mini buddy with me too ; ). Cancun isn't just about some of the sexiest women you've ever seen. The beaches are incredible as well. I should just say 1 big beach as you'll see in the video. As always, I appreciate any likes, comments...
  7. A

    Is it allowed?

    I own the DJI Mavic Mini: at least it’s the only one I am comfortable with bringing across the Mexico/Arizona Border. So many questions and so many concerns that I can’t get answers for online- so I turn for help! What do I plan to do? I simply plan to fly my drone over the beach around Puerto...
  8. Hector Tapia

    2 Pro Pyramid of the Sun - Teotihuacan, Mexico.

    Hi, recent work in progress of a shoot in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Pyramid of the Sun 4k rec and headphones!
  9. C

    Authorisation as French citizen for Macvi mini in Mexico

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a macvi mini, and I’m going to move out to Playa-del-carmen in Mexico . a read a few things about the drone laws in Mexico and it’s new regulations but still not 100% sure . So, could you please help me on that matter ? I read as its weight is under 250 grams...
  10. L

    Mexico drone laws sub 250g

    I see a lot of posts about sub 250g drones in regards to international laws in particular in Mexico. All the research I have done says that I, as a tourist in Mexico, am legally allowed to fly my mavic mini in Mexico. My question, is there any government documentation (English or Spanish) that...
  11. Pasquale Josepe

    Epic Puerto Vallarta - Mexico 4K [OC]

    Welcome to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Us drone pilots need vacations too. And yet another video is born. If you ever wanted to know what it looks like then this should give you a good start. My vacation was wicked and I hope you feel the same about the video As always, I appreciate any likes...
  12. Cabo San Lucas * When Pacific Ocean meets with Sea of Cortez

    Cabo San Lucas * When Pacific Ocean meets with Sea of Cortez

    Breathtaking scenery where the pacific ocean meets with the sea of Cortez in the fabulous Baja California Peninsula. The city behind the wall of rocks is Cab...
  13. V

    Futuristic & Modern Soccer Stadium in Mexico

    Future host of the North America World Cup, one of the most modern soccer stadiums in Mexico
  14. Pasquale Josepe

    The Epic Los Cabos, Mexico

    Happy holidays to all. It's been a while guys but I'm happy to be back in the saddle. Today I'm showcasing the ever so beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico. I had an amazing time vacationing there and highly recommend it if you like beaches and epic waves to smash into. As always, I appreciate any...
  15. TrayBoz

    No Fly Zone Solution - I can't believe it was this easy.

    So last year I took my MP took Isla Mujeres in Mexico (a tiny island off the coast of Cancun). I was very disappointed because I couldn't fly on most of the island (including right around our gorgeous resort) because there is an old, tiny, unmanned, unused "airport" there which creates a NFZ...
  16. G

    Hotel Zone in Cancun, Mexico

  17. Woolnut

    Travelling Abroad with Mavic to Mexico

    Hi All, I am heading to Mexico in June and I am getting together a checklist to make sure that i am fully prepared as i really do not want to lose the Mavic or batteries at the airport because of an oversight! Also, i don't want anything to get damaged! Current Checklist Mavic Bag (Fly More...
  18. DougAles

    GoPro + iPhone + Mavic = click to find out...

    Well, after checking out a lot of your YouTube videos, joining this group, and purchasing my first ever GoPro, I took it on vacation. Here is my first real attempt at incorporating my GoPro into one of my YouTube videos. We went on a Segway tour. Besides my GoPro Hero 6, I also uses a iPhone...
  19. DougAles

    Mexico preview video

    Just something silly I put together as I wait for our trip to arrive.
  20. Elektrica

    Casa Ninõs Sian Ka'an Paradise Villa in Tulum's Biosphere Casa Ninos & Sian Kaan World Heritage site

    Sian Ka'an: In the language of the Mayan peoples who once inhabited this region, Sian Ka'an means 'Origin of the Sky'. Located on the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula, this biosphere reserve contains tropical forests, mangroves and marshes, as well as a large marine section intersected by a...