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Just got the new dji go app 4.2.21

Mine when I was flying yesterday and I got the pixilated video downlink on my s8 that was on the 4.2.20 not tried this new app yet I will try later after work. It's the first time it's happened on my s8 that pixilation. It happened on the pro and Spark.
I just downloaded this for my S8+. Update went smoothly. I haven't had any lag on previous versions, but I hope it fixes it for people who do.
Not enough coffee yet guys ...this as android right I'm on 4.2.22 and have been for 10 days.
OK thanks,I'm on IOS and have had 4.2.22 since the 10th . Don't know why they want to stay apart like that.0ROJYyg.png
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Well at any rate I have been using what I have and have had no issues with .22 whatsoever but had none with the previous ones FWIW . Seems to me after thinking about it it seems more have issues also with android than IOS .
Really don't know why but good luck with it guys .
I had problems with the feed so I downgraded the app to a previous version. After a firmware upgrade on the drone and the new version of the app was released, I am no longer getting video lag on my S7. Although, at first I got a weird flight. Delayed video feed (no tearing video though) and a recording (from the SD card) that was choppy. Seems like clearing the cache worked for that, but seeing how it was immediately after updating, I thought I'd give a heads up.
Get an Apple iPad mini 4 like I did. It works perfectly. No issues at all. All of my Android devices suck. I love my dji goggles too.
I CONCUR I bought the mini 4 and its much better than my android with this drone. I dont have the goggles . I have a Eposn Maverio glasses( abdroid system) which shuts down during flight. I haven't tried them with the latest app version as yet.
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