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Kupenite - Fantastic rock formations!


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Jul 9, 2017
A guy from Offroad forum told me about several amazing rock formations in a tight spot, so I try to see them all in a day run, but manage to find only 2 ;) (others waiting for me) one of them is Kupenite near the village of Reselec (I heart about it yesterday either ;) ) - just see for Yourself!

iPad mini 4 does not stand the heat (it was 37C!) and trotle heavily so the screen was choppy and flying smoot was a challenge especially in close proximity to the rocks in unknown for me region ;)
Reselets village, Pleven district
The Piles represent a group of rock dolls (1) formed amongst the Maastricht limestone with flint. They are situated at 200 m altitude on the right bank of the Belilo River, at 0.8 km from the village of Reselets, Pleven region along the road to the village of Breste (43.24636, 24.02404). The "Buyers" rock dolls are protected as a landmark in 1972.

The buyers are located in the northeastern part of the Western Fore-Balkan, whose northern border passes between the villages of Breste and Suhache. Limestones were formed about 70 million years ago in a normal, shallow and warm sea. They are light gray, solid, sound, thin-film with very light colored flint concretions (2) . Their thickness varies from 30 to 150 m. They are united within the Mezdren group, spread as a well-covered strip in the uppermost section along the rivers Ruchene and Belilo. The upper limit represents a rapid lithological transition to the limestone limestone of the Kaylushka summit which forms a small rock wreath above the Kupenite (3-5). These are creamy thick-lined to massive, healthy bioclastic limestone. In their composition there is a shellfish decitus and well-preserved bryophytes, bivalves, brachypods, gastropods, sea urchins and rarely ammonites. Their thickness is up to 50 m.

Buying are one of the many geomorphological forms among the limestone limestone, which form impressive rock wreaths in this part of the Fore Balkan. They resemble the famous geological phenomenon The Wonderful Rocks in the Eastern Forebalkan, with which they have the same genesis, but the incoming rocks are a bit older. Such shapes are most often formed in kernel limestones or limestone with flint concretions, such as those of the Mezdren group.

Buying are one of the most beautiful limestone rock compositions in the country. The impressive rock pyramids are arranged along the steep right bank of the Belilo River and rise 30-40 m above the river bed. They are well revealed, connected or separated from each other, with only a thin green band on the base of which they stand out even more clearly. Their formation took place over the last few tens of thousands of years in the Quaternary. It is the result of the action of the atmospheric waters on the Maastricht limestone due to the susceptibility of this type of rocks to molding. Lack of vegetation on the slopes further favors their development.

A hundred meters below the Kupenite is another protected natural site - the beautiful waterfall Skoka, formed in the limestone valleys of the Kalenskog zoo. This unit stands at the base of the uppermost section of the area and covers not the Apt sandstone of the Roman conquest. It is of Latvian age and is rarely revealed because it is small in thickness (up to 6 m). It forms a small waterfall with a height of 3-4 meters, as is the thickness of the building rocks. These are healthy, creamy, biogenic limestone shells and kernels of bivalves, gastropods, bryophytes, brachiopods, crickets, sea urchins and other organisms that inhabited the shallow coast of the Santon Sea, which flooded the inferior pennepole about 85 million years ago.

In addition to the buyers in the region of Reselets there are three more geotopes included in the Register and the Cadastre of the Geological Phenomena in Bulgaria: Rock Dolls, Reseletsky Dolls and Kaleto. Waterfall Skoka and forest park Kaleto in the valley of the Ruchene River adds to the wonderful natural landscape, which can be extended to the wider extent of the Prohodna rock bridge, the Strubuitza ditch, the Proverniki, the famous caves of Karlukovo karst in the village of Karlukovo; The House and the wonderful rock dolls in the valley of Dr Handhene.

Despite its relatively weak tourist popularity, the buyers and other sites around Reselets are described in popular and reference publications, such as Nature and Knowledge, the Encyclopedia of Bulgaria, guides and more. Their favorable location in close proximity to the village and other beautiful places and the available bed base makes the whole area downstream of the Ruchene River especially suitable for recreation and tourism.

The geological phenomenon Kupenite is the most representative of its "dolls" and "hamlets" in the area of Reselets and Kameno Pole. It excels in its aesthetic value also the famous Wonderful Rocks in the Eastern Fore-Balkan, which due to their location are more popular. According to the expert assessment, the aesthetic value of the buyers is quite high and can be considered an object of national or even regional significance.

In view of the possibility of merging these sites into a Geopark, some larger-scale events have to be undertaken to promote, mark and place information plates on their status, location and genesis. They must indicate the location of individual sites, with an appropriate road map of the area and hiking trails.

Authors: Hristo Vassilev, Dimitar Sinyovski
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