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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (July 15, 2023)


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Last Week's Most Popular Topics

R.I.D. Spoofing and is it legal?
sUAV Rules & Regulations

FAA withdraws DJI Mavic Pro Platinum RID compliance

Air 3 specs leaked
Mavic Air 3 Speculation

What is the maximum VLOS you've ever achieved yourself?
General Discussions

RTH crash
Mini 3

My DJI Mini Pro reached speed of 15 miles per seconds within 3 seconds of launch and crashed that damaged camera gimble
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

"Shooting not allowed..."
Mavic 2 Pro

DJI Air 3 Under 500g
General Discussions

Air 2 - Goodbye little buddy.
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

The Brightest Tablet on the Market
General Discussions

New Lichi Pilot Beta discussion
Control Apps - DJI, Litchi, Autopilot, etc...

Questions about your Mini 3 Pro’s…
Mini 3

Mini 3 - We had quite a hail storm in Cripple Creek. Afterwards, I put my mini 3 pro up and shot this one.
Photo and Video Showcase

Mavic 2 Pro switched to GPS redundancy and eventually crashed
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

Still Struggling for distance post FCC Mod
DJI RC Pro Controller

How to Reveal Details Through Rough Water?? (Sharks and fish!)
Editing & Techniques

DJI Fly (RC controller) vs. DJI Fly (RC-N1 iOS) vs. Litchi (iOS)
Control Apps - DJI, Litchi, Autopilot, etc...

Air 2 - Did anyone see this-amazing.
Photo and Video Showcase

Prime Day deal on the Mini 3 Pro with RC controller
Mini 3

Hello from Minnesota!
Pilot Check In

mini 3 no gps
Mini 3

Does Mini 2 continue flying at 21 mph for 11 seconds after controller Signal Loss , does it stop, or backup 50 meters-then try Failsafe RTH?
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

FlySafe has bricked my new drone, DJI can't fix
General Discussions

Close call…What happened? (Choppy phone-controller screen at beach)
General Discussions

Mini 3 - Lightning Strikes - Again and Again
Photo and Video Showcase

Air 2S seems to have optical problems
General Discussions

Has anyone seen this?
General Discussions

5m or not 5m
General Discussions

Latest Firmware for Mavic Air 2 "Fly More" Package?
Mavic Air 2

Warning to bring it home
Mini 3

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