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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (June 3, 2023)


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Last Week's Most Popular Topics

Dreading dealing with DJI firmware updates
Firmware & Software

Air 2 flying backward on it's own!
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

bummed new Air 2 owner LOL
Pilot Check In

register your drone, vs non register?
General Discussions

Mavic 3 Stopped Responding Mid Flight
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

Battery life etc
General Discussions

Do you carry printed sectional charts with you when you fly?
sUAV Rules & Regulations

New to Mavic 3 Pro
Pilot Check In

Mini 3 pro cannot be activated because it was blocked by dji what to do
Mini 3

DJI Fly Firmware Upgrade
Mavic Air 2S

Rules and Laws regarding RC and model aircraft
sUAV Rules & Regulations

Air 2s - 🎶It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood 🎶😄Practice, practice, practice!
Photo and Video Showcase

Worthwhile reading on Drones and avoidance of bird strikes
General Discussions

New to DJI, soaking in the knowledge
Pilot Check In

Mavic 3
General Discussions

Freewell Filters for preorder
Mavic 3 Pro

Sideways flight
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

OMG : After 5 years of flying I got a Picture of the Moon !!!
Mavic 3 Pro

DJI Mavic 3 Classic Love and Hate Relationship
Mavic 3 Classic

Airmap - done, gone, outta' here!
General Discussions

Air 2 - Manhattan Bridge from Dumbo
Photo and Video Showcase

DJI Fly Settings
Mini 2

What can Active Track track?
General Discussions

No sound after filming
Mavic Pro Platinum

Mount Rainier
Mavic 3 Pro

A personal drone helped police arrest a teenager accused of stealing $30,000 from a San Francisco Bay Area home, authorities say

Mavic 3 Pro Gimbal Cover - A Slight Rant
General Discussions

Mini - What was your first drone? This little guy was mine!
Photo and Video Showcase

WaterFall TimeLapse - ND1000 - Let me Know thoughts
Mavic 3 Pro

Michigan Supreme Court to Rule on "Drone Snooping"
General Discussions
Lycus Tech Mavic Air 3 Case

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