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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (October 14, 2023)


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Last Week's Most Popular Topics

Total loss of control during roof thermal inspection
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

It’s idiots like this who give us a bad name!!
sUAV Rules & Regulations

Let's see how many FAA (and other) rules Ken broke
General Discussions

Safety issues make me sad
General Discussions

mini 3 pro - firmware and dji account
Mini 3

Whats the best way to handle negative encounters?
General Discussions

Macic 3 Classic - low sharpness
Mavic 3 Classic

Couldn't fly because of update
General Discussions

Aircraft Signal Interference
Mini 4 Pro

Air 2s - Combine fire in Illinois corn field
Photo and Video Showcase

Air 2S darting forward and crashing into a roof twice!
Crash & Flyaway Assistance

Drone Remote ID RID for sale! Sold

Pilot loses control of drone during Ohio State football game, records show

Mavic 2 zoom doesnt fly.
General Discussions

Above 7000' in the Land of Enchantment
Pilot Check In

Hi, I'm Rob from Sudbury Ontario Canada
Pilot Check In

Drone Pilot Nothern Ireland
United Kingdom

TESTED: Air 3 air dropper hindered by bottom sensors
Air 3

3 - Mavic 3 classic , local dam
Photo and Video Showcase

DJI sent me this for "free"
Air 2

Does Mini 4 Pro work on RC PRO Controller
Mini 4 Pro

Flying Mavic Mini 3 Pro in an NFZ without GPS Module?
Mini 3

Hello from Chicago
Pilot Check In

Waypoints-max height reached
General Discussions

Hello from Maryland, USA
Pilot Check In

AZ DroneFest
Drone Shows and Gatherings

Found Dji in panama city beach
Lost & Found Mavics

DJI 3E non nadir photos
Mavic 3E

Surveyed GCP data
Mavic 3E

First Drone
Mavic Pro
Lycus Tech Mavic Air 3 Case

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