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Legislation Moves Forward in Hawaii to Ban the Use of Drones for Fishing

I watch quite a few of the videos, first it's very cool. Those guys are nuts standing right on the end of those cliffs.

But I'm having trouble why its controversial or honestly even an issue. They use the drone to set lines and at the end of one of the videos they post a message that tells their followers to be respectful and only use a drone when it is not crowded.

Why is this requiring legislation?
I don't use a drone for fishing although I have thought about it but I like to sit in my boat or canoe and just relax waiting patiently for that fish to bite without all the noise and setting up of the drone. I think some people feel fishing with a drone is like hunting with a drone which is totally illegal. Giving the sportsman a unfair advantage over the fish. Not saying they are right or wrong. In Hawaii it seems to be more of keeping traditional tribal fishing for some species of fish at least that is what I got from reading the article.
I'm with you, when I'm fishing I like it quite.

I have used my drone for scouting when I am preparing for a hunt but not sure that I would ever use it to hunt, again to much noise when silence is what I'm after.

Setting lines on the ocean, never thought about it until you posted this, I think its a great concept.
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