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Litchi import CSV waypoints


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Oct 30, 2018
I have a need to make a Litchi flight plan, fly my Mavic 2 Pro over appr. 200 to 300 properties and take one photo of each (straight down) facing north at each location. Photo elevation 100-m above ground.
Lat and Long of Center Line of the properties are available from AutoCAD through an export to EXCEL and stored in CSV or any other format required by Litchi.
Elevation change is appr. 175-m from one end to the other.


1. What is the best way of loading the CSV Lat Long data into Litchi without having to do a manual input?
2. Am I able to program settings all in one go without having to edit each waypoint (elevation, heading, speed etc.)?
3. How do I calculate the length and the width of the property shown in the photo with the drone taking picture at 100-m elevation (Hasselblad camera)?

Thanks for your reply.
Go into Litchi mission editor and create a mission that takes off, flies to first two or three of the properties, with heading and speed and camera actions set.

Save and name. Export as csv.

In Excel, open the csv, make a copy with a new name.

With the new copy, paste in the the lat longs and the altitudes from the autocad export to csv you mentioned. You will need to Insert them in between the last of the waypoints you created in Litchi and the landing point.

Then you have to make sure all the new imported waypoints have correct syntax for lat long and elevation. If not, Ctrl-H (find and replace, exact match) might help you do a bulk edit. If not, use a powerful text editor like Notepad+ to do it.

Copy and fill down all the 'other' columns the Litchi csv had that need to be filled in for you new mission.

Finally, delete the 2-3 duplicate waypoints you have at the start of the file.

When you have the csv complete, Import it into Litchi to check it. As part of that, I recommend you export a kml file, load that in Google Earth, and make sure your flight profile looks ok (especially the altitudes)
Thank you very much for a detailed reply. I will attempt once the AutoCAD file is completed late October. Will let you know how it works out.
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