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Loss of control, why?


New Member
Sep 1, 2018
New user here with a dozen or so flights to date, most local to my house.

I was flying today trying to get footage of a shallow river. The compass needed to be calibrated upon start, which was completed. I took off and followed the drone on foot to the center of a footbridge that spans the river.

Drone flew straight true for maybe 100-150 yards about 15-20ft above the river bed, at which point it rotated left. I thought maybe I did that accidentally, so straightened out and flew on. Drone went another 25 or 50 yards then started to gain altitude and fly backwards at about a 45 degree angle (if drone was at 12 o'clock, I was at 6 o'clock and drone ended up 3 o'clock position). I was able to get some control on the left stick and descended as trying to make the low brush at the rover bank instead of ditching in the water or losing it in the tree canopy.

It happened fast. I am trying to determine if this was user error, improper set up, or a glitch with the Mavic.

I've attached the text file of the flight record here, as I've seen other posts where the that info was requested. Event took place about 1:10-1:30ish into the flight. I can't seem to select the DAT file to upload.

Thanks for the help!!


  • DJIFlightRecord_2018-09-01_[10-54-10].txt
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Sounds like the classic ‘compass calibration while under magnetic interference’. Do a cal while in this situation, then flying away from that interference often means that the compass is misaligned so drastically that the drone just can’t decide where north etc really is.
I’m just guessing, when someone pick up your flight log they’ll soon be able to tell you

Might be useful if you follow the instructions here to make your log more visible
DJI Flight Log Viewer - Phantom Help
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