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Lost Mavic Air Drone in Chiemsee area Germany(On Land)


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Jul 31, 2018
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Figured I would post this, who knows maybe someone somewhere finds it.

Lost my arctic white mavic air, but the kicker is I didn't loose it in the air. Had the drone folded up in the stock dji case. Also had the remote controller in the case stretch pocket. Put my drone on the roof of the car while I was rearranging some stuff, and basically I completely forgot about the drone. Black case on a black car and careless me drove away with the drone still on the roof. Drove away from Pension Seeblick parking lot (Evening of July 8th-
Gstadt am Chiemsee Germany straight to Salzburg, Austria. I saw a straight skid mark on the roof followed by an angled turn mark indicating that the case probably had enough friction to stay put until a tight turn or highway entrance ramp sent it flying off the roof of the car. I drove back to the starting area the same day and could not find anything. Checked a couple of days later and asked around but no results. It would be awesome if this magically turns up in someones hands. I really only care about the footage on the sd card. Had some really nice shots of a castle wedding and other castle flybys. Even if the drone/case/controller was crushed on the road then the microsd card is most likely still intact and functional. If anyone found something in the area please PM me and I will confirm serial #. I would be extremely grateful. Btw, if the entire drone is still intact it would have had one of it's collapsible arms popped out of the main body socket.

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