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Lowepro CS 300 case for Mini


Feb 4, 2020
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Wanted a case for the mini fly-more bundle, those propellor guards don't store anywhere easy. Saw the CS300 for £24.99 with free delivery on Amazon, checked the measurements and it seemed a good fit so took a chance. At £100 less than Lowepro's list price I expected it might be a fake but it appears genuine.

Managed to fit all in but as I thought, the guards were the main problem. It comes with partitions and a small case where the USB cables and charger are stored along with a pair of parabolic signal reflectors.

The guards are at the top of the case held in by the partitions. When it's being carried, nothing will push down on them and the mini is in its original case in the case. The landing pad fits neatly on top before closing to stop everything rattling around.

The case comes with elastic velcro straps which if you want could be used to hold a drone in place, outside of it's case.

The case itself is a relatively hard shell with a very tight pocket on the front and comes with removable shoulder straps. I've got Lowepro bags for cameras and this is just as good a quality.

Overall extremely happy with it and a bargain at that price.