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Lume Cube for M2P -as a Light Source

Citizen Flier

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Jun 27, 2019
Hey Pilot Pals,
I still have my (semi) trusty Mavic 2 Pro for which I just acquired the mounts for Lume Cube. My intention is actually to use the lights as an overhead light source for photo stills at night. I intend to illuminate rock formations, prominent trees & small landscape features in dark areas. I will hover the bird, & take photos from the ground with a DSLR. If it works as planned, could yield some dramatic lighting. Seems like 50' is about the limit, which should be just fine.

I haven't used this or any other after market lighting setup before. Looking for feedback/advice from anyone that has. The mounts consist of 2 main brackets that accept the Lume Cube lights. No instructions, but I did see an old YouTube vid. There's a packet of small clips that came with the mounts -they weren't mentioned in the video. I'm guessing these are to secure the mounts? Anyone know about these?

Anyone have experience using this gear for a similar purpose? The mounts are discontinued by DJI (Got back stock online). I hope that's just due to the M2P being an older product, and not because they're faulty. Care refresh is no longer available for M2P, so if there are issues with the lights/Mounts it could be the end of my bird. I am concerned that the Lume cubes do get pretty hot.

I still have the Lume Cubes my wife bought me for my X-Star. They are pretty decent as far as getting hot goes, mine don't really get that hot. They are however a little on the heavy side but they do put out a pretty good amount of light. I can't help you with mounts for your Mavic 2 Pro but they do have a standard 1/4 20 mounting hole.
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