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M2 batteries are here.

I imagine B&H will get their ration now that they have arrived stateside. I'm waiting on an extra batt and a flymore from B&H. I went ahead and bought 3 from DJI today. (I guess I'll cut 6 batt spaces in my Apache 4800.)
The two extras I ordered from DJI have been sitting at the DHL sort facility in Cinci for a couple days and now all that DHL is saying in their emails is,

"The Estimated Delivery Date is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

At least they're in the US. I got the extra two with the FM pack but I feel for those who only have one and are waiting for more.

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I have a job coming up in three weeks that will entail several long days shooting from a boat off-shore. I was beginning to think I'd be not able to handle it without the P4P.

I am going to need a backup controller though. Any word on when we may see those become available?
I ordered my extra batteries and props on day of launch (to the UK)

My order is still sitting at "Payment Sucess" - despite them emailing me saying they are in stock!
Had a reminder on the batteries on DJI store - ordered today at 9am and had a delivery mail from DPD in UK that it’s coming tomorrow, happy about that as going on holiday at end of week and was worried wouldn’t arrive in time.
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