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M3P ... I took my Insta360 x3 - for a Joy Ride - (Watch in 3D)


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Dec 19, 2017
So guess who came to 'Hang Out'
I thought the Insta360 may be too heavy - but the M3P handled her Pretty well.
The I360 is quite heavy 180g and it showed with a Limited flight time down 20%.
Used a Velcro (round the drone Middle Body) - Was important to Balance the Weight to the Centre.
ALso I needed to disable Sensors - so SPORT Mode was on.
Achieved 76km/hr with a 'Tilt' Drone mod to 55%.

It was awesome to Post Edit -... Every Run I did had a Different Viewing.
Not for the Faint hearted though...

Anyone else Experiment with this ?

So this is one of the REFRAMED Videos...

For the FULL 360 Experience (watch the NEXT ONE in 3D and Control your own Views)
Swipe (PC) or turn your body (phone)

- Set your Quality to the Highest Possible (HEADS UP - High Wifi Usage)

On the Your Phone (Youtube) - Select Highest quality ie: Tap Settings > Additional Settings > Select 1440 or 2160
... hold your Phone at Arms Length - TURN your WHOLE BODY around (Swivel and Tilt)

On your Computer - watch in a Bigger WINDOW at Full Quality
(SWIPE Left or Right Up or Down - or Drag Your Mouse) - Select the Highest Wifi Quality.
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Well done! I have the insta 360 sphere with an Air2. I recently purchased an M3P, and was thinking about selling my A2/360 sphere setup, because I just don't use it anymore. I also have an Insta360, and have been looking at some of the mounts available to 3D print for it. I'd like to see more of what you are able to do with your setup if you don't mind sharing.
Hey dmiles119 how you doing... ?

you gonna Laugh because my setup is Simple.

So i got some Motorcycle kit for the INSTA360 X3 ... and used the section that had a long Piece of Velcro with a wrist cover.

So no special Printed mounts... Just hook Up - hang the Camera and off I go.

post edit on the Insta Studio or app ... and Voila.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-03 at 21.48.46.jpegWhatsApp Image 2023-12-03 at 21.48.46 (1).jpeg

Just Remember to Check the Balance and angle - ALSO check in SPorts Mode - otherwise the Sensors get confused that something is too close below...
--- Im new to 360 stuff - ... I love flying though -
Im on a mountain Top and typically fly Down... Seldom Up ....

I have someone to Hand launch and and Hand Land -...

But with the Camera below - you may want to try an indoor Small Trash CCan (Thats hollow to takeOff from ...

Have fun !
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