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M3P waypoint missions vs Litchi waypoint missions


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Mar 20, 2021
Hello, longtime Litchi user with a Mavic 2 Pro considering an upgrade to the M3P.

I realize that Litchi is unavailable for M3P and likely will remain that way.

For those that have experience using both Litchi waypoint missions on M2P and DJI waypoints on M3P how do the systems compare?

I use Litchi for video waypoint missions (curved turns) and also photo waypoint missions on a M2P but recognize the drone is getting old.

for an avid Litchi user myself -
buying the M3P ... was the biggest dissapointment - after spending a LOT of money.

Its almost the ONLY drone that LITCHI does not support - because they did not release the SDK for it!

If you use LITCHI a lot like I did - DO NOT BUY m3p- !!!

rather go light with the m4mini or stay with the m2.

Sorry but thats the way it is.

The drone is good - just like all the DJI drones...

but I feel cheated that they didnt release the SDK for this one - because of the M3Enterprize - competition - they they were trying to promote.

PS: DJI Waypionts SUCK ! compared to Litchi - (Its like going back to the StoneAge)...No off drone Planning on a PC -...
Just tiny buttons that Limit the Ease of use.
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Agreed. Maddening move on DJI’s part. I almost didn’t buy the Mavic 3 Pro because of no SDK. Later, I got a Mini 3 Pro partly because it does have SDK and also because both birds can use the RC Pro.
Hers a video comparing the 2.
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