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M4P lost connection and felt out of the sky


Apr 22, 2024
the Netherlands
My MP4 suddenly lost connection with M4P and seemed to felt out of the sky.

- 119, height and 110m distance of homepoint (= also controller position).
- Full connection strength.
- No obstacles between motion controller 2 and the M4P. (Home Point (H) is visable below the swimmig pools)
- All batteries at > 75%.
- 22 satellites
- Goggles 2 and controller looses suddenly connection at a speed of 8.6m/s
- M4P didn't return to home

NB: prior to take off I was asked for a battery firmware update, which I did. Rebooted drone afterwards.

See link below for the camera view before loss (recorded from the Goggles 2). I do not have black box logs, since DJI Fly App was not connected at time of the loss

Video: MP4 connection lost & felt out of the sky (video was recorded from goggles)
Airdata: Airdata Logs

What could be the cause of this loss?
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...What could be the cause of this loss?
The loss of connection was most probably not the root cause, instead a consequence of the incident.

All attitude telemetry + battery data doesn't indicate anything abnormal just there in the end of the log, you had just started to apply a full command for forward flight (stick mode 3)... & then 4sec later the log ends with your mini still airborne.

All this strongly indicate a power loss, either battery related or due to some electronical fault. This stopped the motors, ended all connections & stopped the log recording... & your drone fell like a rock.
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Thank for your analysis. That's what I was thinking, and now the telemetry is supporting that version. Sunday, I started a Fly Away Case on the DJI website. No response so far, but I'll hope they support this analysis and will sent me a free replacement. Thanks again for helping me!
That’s the worst nightmare, did you retrieve it ? Did controller tell you where it was?
And let us know what happens
Tiny update: still waiting for a response of DJI. The analysis-team is very busy as they say. I was offered a 30 EUR discount code for their store for waiting so long.

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