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Mavic 2 + Goggles RE package


Feb 28, 2018
Edit: Well, found one problem already - There's DJI Assistant 2 and, confusingly, DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic. I was using DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic because I have.. well, a Mavic, and that's what I used to update it. The goggles evidently require a different version of the exact same program (it literally can't even run at the same time as the "for Mavic" version).

Edit 2: The missing update was the issue, after that it actually let me go to the main menu and linked up in about 3 seconds.

So, I purchased the M2 Zoom with the RE goggles. Only problem is.. the goggles don't seem to actually do anything. I turn them on, and all they let me do is select a language, then tell me to either plug them into the computer or wirelessly connect them to a Mavic Pro (and ONLY a Mavic Pro.. not the 2?).

I've tried pressing the pairing button on the Mavic 2 when the goggle's menu asks me to, when trying the wireless option, but all it does is disconnect from the controller instead.

Plugging into the computer does absolutely nothing. The DJI Assistant 2 program doesn't even recognize that they're plugged in with either the power USB cable, or the HDMI cable. It's charging the goggles though. If I'm supposed to update the goggles somehow.. well, that doesn't seem to be an option as the program to update them doesn't even recognize them.

Does anything have any ideas what's going on here? These instruction manuals are beyond useless, and the onscreen instructions are just ludicrously bad. It took me ten minutes to even figure out that the screen was trying to tell me the side of the goggles is some sort of touchpad.

Aside from the goggles, the M2 is already updated and flying perfectly. I'm a bit concerned about the controller's battery life.. as I'm draining my controller almost as fast as a single M2 battery, let alone the other 2 from the fly more pack.. but other than that it's an amazing machine. I'm a bit worried about the range though.. my Phantom 3 could manage upwards of 1000 feet, and upwards of a mile with parabolic antennas at the spot I'm currently flying. The M2 should have far greater range, but instead it's dropping out at 500 feet. Heavy signal congestion, but still.. I wouldn't have expected it to do worse than the P3.
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Has that software update happened yet? I thought they said end of August, which was Friday?
Great. Thanks for the post. I'm having exactly the same problem, but after reading this I will download the other version of the software.
Talking of software I was disappointed with the anti virus issues. Surely DJI could have got these cleared by now. In the end I decided not to use my business machine to download the possible spyware included with Assistant. No doubt the kids laptop will get a second dose when I download this other edition!

I now updated both with their version of assistant. Still can't get my mavic 2 to sync. Anyone got any other tips?
I'm turning controller on first, then Mavic 2 zoom. It's connecting with controller. I then turn Goggles RE on and tell them to sync. Finally I'm pressing the sync button on Mavic. All I get is the controller searching for mavic. I'm sure I'm doing something basic wrong, but not finding the instruction manual very useful.
I should add that I only updated controller via the phone app. Is that sufficient?
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